To rent or buy, this is often a question when it comes to having a tent for your next event. And while it may be tempting to just purchase a tent that can be used repeatedly for family or corporate gatherings, there are some very compelling reasons to rent instead of buy. Below are 3 considerations to make while you determine if renting or buying a tent is best for you.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Tents do require maintenance and cleaning after use. Even the highest quality tents will need a renewed stitch on a seem, a patch on a worn area and reinforcements around tie down contacts to keep it healthy and in great shape for continued use. Cleaning protocols are also extremely important to ensure your tent does not accumulate dirt, mold or mildew, especially when they become wet. Most tents are water resistant, not water proof, so proper maintenance and care to the fabrics and materials in use can reduce wear and tear and durability (Sparks 2018).

Set up and Tear Down

It may seem easy to pop up a tent to keep your guests protected from the sun and rain. However, once you get past the traditional consumer sized tent of 10×10, setting up a tent can become a dangerous feat. Larger family and company gathers may require canopy, frame or peak style tents to accommodate everyone. These tents usually start at 20×20 and can go as high as 45×83, such as the double decker tent we stock at The Wright Group Event Service. Setting up and taking down tents at this size is better conducted by professionals to reduce any instances of injury.

Size Requirements Change

How can you correctly calculate the size of tent you will need? Are you planning for 50, 75, 100 guests? Each group will require a different amount of space under your tents. Are you planning for row chairs to accommodate a wedding or a classroom style event? A rectangle shaped tent may be a better solution. Are you hosting a cocktail party? Round and open tents may be a better solution. By working with a professional tent rental company, you can be assured that you will get the right tent for your event. Reduce surprises and keep your guests happy with enough room and the right configuration in the tent that will protect your next event.

If your next event is being hosted outside and tents are needed, consider speaking with us at The Wright Group Event Services before purchasing a tent that may not meet your needs. Not only can we provide the right high quality, well maintained tent with set up and tear down services, we can also provide tables, chairs, lighting and so much more to make your next event as memorable as possible. Contact us today to discuss your tent needs!


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