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Event equipment rental goes beyond just a good stage. You also need plenty of seating for everyone attending your event, stage lighting, and possibly a tent depending on the weather and where you’ll be holding your event. There may be other equipment associated with your stage setup as well, such as stage skirting to hide the support structure of the stage, or your particular event might have a need for something special. Contact Wright Group Event Services today to discuss your event’s equipment needs.

Stages we carry include:

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Concert Stage

Colorado music lovers will love a concert held on one of our stages! Music just sounds better when it’s played from a proper stage setup. We offer concert stage rentals in a variety of sizes and styles, giving you the flexibility to design your event just the way you want it. Whether you have a solo singer, a large band, or a full orchestra coming on stage, we can meet your needs with our concert stages. An excellent concert requires more than just a stage. Don’t forget to include lighting, props, seating, and of course, the most important part, a sound system. We have a variety of add-ons to choose from, everything you need to make sure that your concert looks and sounds great and that your guests are comfortable.

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Portable Stage

The advantage to portable stage rentals is being able to put it wherever you need it and take it down again later. These stages are often used for events where the stages need to change partway through. They are also faster to set up than regular stage rentals, making them convenient in several different ways. Can you hear me now? Don’t forget about what else your event will need, such as a good sound system to ensure the entire audience can hear. What kind of event do you need a portable stage rental for? If you are hosting a seated event, you’ll need chair rentals. For indoor and nighttime events, high-quality stage lighting will improve the audience’s experience.

Runway Stage

Special events such as fashion shows and beauty pageants need a particular kind of stage, one that allows for a unique shape to support the demands of the event. Runway stage rentals allow you to configure the stage in any one of several different ways, allowing for different styles of runways. They also have adjustable heights so that you can put your runway at whatever elevation you need above the audience. Of course, you’ll also want a good sound system for a successful fashion show, as well as a good lighting setup, particularly for indoor venues. Wright Group Event Services can provide all of these things and more, ensuring you get everything your event needs.

Stage Rental Accessories

Stage accessories can make your stage stand out. They can be used for purely aesthetic purposes or functional purposes as well. Our decks and risers help raise your stage above crowd level so performers can be easily seen and separated from the masses. Stage skirting can help mask risers for ultimate aesthetic appeal. We also offer dance flooring sections that can be put together quickly and easily for a comfortable, attractive dancing surface. Contact Wright Group Event Services to find the perfect accessories for your event.

Festival Planning - Are You Ready?

Stage Risers & Hydraulic Stages

When planning your event, don’t forget to think about how the level of the stage will position everyone from the audience’s point of view. Sometimes it’s necessary to have certain parts of the stage higher than others. For instance, you might want the orchestra set lower, or the choir set higher. How can you accomplish the perfect look? Stage risers will enable you to set different sections of the stage to the level you want. Hydraulic stages are also available in all sizes and allow you to set the stage to any height you prefer. With Wright Group Event Services’ help, you can design the perfect stage for your event.

Stage Flooring

When is a stage not a stage? When it’s a dance floor, of course. Sometimes you need your stage to meet specific needs, such as offering a smooth surface for dancing. Whether you’re putting on a show or inviting others to join you, the right kind of floor can either make or break a dance routine. Stage flooring comes in several different options, so no matter what kind of flooring you need, Wright Group Event Services can help smooth things over. For instance, you can choose the color as well as how glossy the surface is. Just make sure your mate is wearing non slip shoes when you hit those glossy dance floors.

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Stage Steps & Railings

If your stage is more than a foot or two high, you’ll need steps on at least one side, if not multiple sets of steps. For example, an event like graduation might need a set of steps on each side of the stage to accommodate graduates walking on and back off again. A smaller stage or a different type of event might only need one set of stairs, while a larger or busier event might need stairs in even more places. Chances are, if you need steps for your stage, you likely also need railings. For a one-stop shop and all the equipment you need in one place, call Wright Group Event Services today. We’ll help you determine everything your event needs so that you’re not left hanging off the edge of the stage… literally.

Stage Skirts

No matter what kind you need, a stage is a complex piece of engineering that is designed to go up easily, break down quickly, and support large amounts of weight, between the people and the equipment. As a result, most stages have a lot of support underneath, which can look unsightly if left uncovered. Dressing your stage up in a skirt may seem unnecessary, but it gives a finished, professional look that will help to put the finishing touches on your event. Wright Group Event Services carries everything you need for a successful event, so be sure to ask us about extras such as stage skirts.

Whatever stage you may be looking for, odds are that Wright Group Event Services has it. Contact us today for your next event stage rental!

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