Large Gathering - Tent and Stage

Large gatherings, like concerts, conferences, expositions and large-scale business meetings often require tents and stages to set the scene for celebration. Wright Group Event Services provides for excellent quality and exceptional service, offering hundreds of options related to tents and stages that are ideal for any size event, especially those that draw a crowd. From floor coverings to scaffolding, our rentals will provide a backdrop for a beautiful and memorable event. Our team includes logistics experts, designers, event staff, security personnel and set up/tear down crews to handle every component of your large event. Rentals available include:

Concert and Music Events

Concerts and music events are one of the pillars of entertainment in Colorado. And Wright Group Event Services has been here for some of the best. AEG Live and other music event producers rely on us to provide the very best in audio/visual equipment, stages, special effects equipment, pipe and drape, and props are just the beginning of what we can offer our concert planners and music event coordinators. Add in fencing, barricades and security staffing and the Wright Group Event Services can be a one-shop-stop for any event. 

Work with one of the best party equipment rental houses in Colorado! Wright Group Event Services has been offering large event services for over 30 years, including clients such as The International Olympic Committee, AEG Live, the Denver Auto Show and Taste of Colorado. If you are ready to work with a pro, contact us about your next large event gather.

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