Lighting plays a vital role in any event, making it a crucial aspect of event planning that should never be overlooked. Proper lighting can help set the mood and add ambiance to your event. With a plethora of lighting options available through the marketplace and through Wright Group Event Services, it can be overwhelming when deciding which type of lighting is best to use for your event. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a wedding, this post will guide you through the various types of lighting and when they are best suited.

Outdoor Events: When it comes to outdoor events, natural lighting is always the best option! If your event takes place during the day, choose a venue with plenty of natural light to reduce the need for additional lighting. For evening events, string lights are an excellent choice. String lights are a good option for creating a soft, warm, and ambient atmosphere. They can be easily hung over dining areas or strung up in trees to create a magical atmosphere. In addition to string lights, use spotlights to highlight landscapes, architectural features, or any other focal point that needs to be highlighted.

Corporate Events: Corporate events require a professional and classy atmosphere. Clear, bright lighting is key to achieving this atmosphere. Use bright white lights to showcase branding materials, logos, and signage clearly. For a softer feel, use diffused lighting, which reduces harsh shadows and makes the environment feel more inviting. Create an intimate ambiance with the use of warm lighting, but do not overdo it. Incorporate various lighting fixtures to provide a more engaging and sophisticated atmosphere.

Weddings: Weddings demand a magical atmosphere, and nothing screams magic like subtle yet effective lighting. Use fairy lights, also known as twinkle lights, to create an enchanting ambiance. Use a canopy of fairy lights or wrap them around trees or other natural focal points. For the reception area, use a variety of light sources, including chandeliers, pendant lighting, and shaded lamps. Different lighting fixtures provide different moods, so be sure to select the right combination.

Charity Events: Charity events require a lively, festive ambiance. Festoon lighting can be an excellent choice for this type of event. They are easy to install and can be strung up in many different styles. A well-designed festoon lighting will add a festive atmosphere to your event while keeping the focus on the cause. Choose bright, bold colors like red, blue, and green to light up your event and pay homage to the cause you’re supporting.

Concerts or DJ Events: Concerts or DJ events usually have intensive lighting. They are used to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. For these events, use a combination of strobe lights, laser lights, and color-changing lights. These lighting fixtures will provide movement and color around the space, making it more lively and engaging.

In conclusion, choosing the right lighting for your event is an essential consideration that will have a profound impact on the ambiance and mood of your event. Follow this guide when choosing your lighting, and you will achieve the perfect ambiance every time. Consider the type of event, venue, and desired atmosphere to select the best type of lighting for your event. Remember, proper lighting can make a significant impact on the quality of your event. Choose the right type of lighting and your event is destined to be a success! Double your success rate by working with Wright Group Event Services for all your event rental needs. One call rents it all!