Renting a tent is an easy way to host an event outdoors and not have to worry about the weather. Sun or rain, your guests will be protected from the elements. But budgeting for the right size tent can be tricky. How do you figure out for yourself, without a tent size calculator, what size tent you need? Here’s the math that goes into almost every wedding tent size calculator that you see online.

What Size Tent Do I Need for My Event?

The reason why tent size calculators always ask so many questions about your event is that the type of event determines how much space you need per guest. For instance, if you’re wondering what size tent for 150 guests, the answer depends largely on how everything will be set up inside the tent. Here are some more specific guidelines to help you determine how much space you need for different types of events.

Cathedral, Classroom, or Ceremony Seating

If your event is seating people in rows, facing the front, you’ll need the least amount of space per person. This goes for wedding ceremonies where only the ceremony is being held in the tent, events with a speaker, and concerts. For these types of events, multiply the number of guests by eight to determine how much square feet you’ll need.

Cocktail Party

The cocktail party event also requires less room per guest. This is the type of event that has a few tables, usually high tables, where people can pause to socialize and eat or drink, but where they’re not expected to be bound for the entire night. For a majority of cocktail parties, guests remain standing and mingle with each other. For these events, you’ll also multiply your number of guests by eight.

Dinner with Banquet Tables

A seated dinner takes up considerably more space per person. If you want a seated dinner but want to conserve space, a dinner with banquet tables is the way to go. These tables take up less space than the traditional round tables since they’re all in a line and don’t need as much space around each table. For dinners with banquet tables, multiply your total number of guests by 10 square feet.

Dinner with Round Tables

A seated dinner with round tables is the traditional setup for many events such as weddings and conferences, but because you’ll need so much space surrounding each table, it also requires the most square footage. For these events, multiply the total number of guests by 12.

Other Considerations

Finally, you’ll also need to think about a few other things that require more square footage. For instance, if you plan on having a dance floor, you’ll need to add another couple square feet per person, assuming that only about half of your guests will ever be dancing at the same time. Likewise, if you are hosting a speaking event, you’ll need to leave enough space for the size stage you’ll be renting.

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