From 10’x10′ pop-up tents to sizes over 25,000 square feet, the Wright Group has the right tent for your event. Learn More about Tents & Stages.

For any Audio/Visual need whether it’s a simple set up, full band production or large conference, we have everything you’ll need to make your event a success!

We have Power, Lighting & Climate Control systems ready for your event.  Get started today or read more below about your options.

The Wright Group rents a full line of fence and barricade needs for your next event. From mojo barricades to bike rack barricades to picket fence.

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Mountains were made to move you. From this vantage point, you can see everything except limits. Colorado isn’t just a place to visit. It’s a place where you feel alive. With our scenic nature, year-round outdoor sports, and the historic legalization of marijuana state-wide, one can see why Colorado loves its festivals. With our primary location near the heart of Denver and Mile High Stadium, our massive warehouses are poised to fill demanding orders at a moments notice.

The Wright Group’s second location at Pikes Peak International Raceway is nothing short of incredible. Here at the crossroads of rugged country and luxurious urban culture, we can host everything from giant EDM festivals to Country Music jamborees. There’s nothing we can’t get for you and your event. Access to 1,200 beautiful acres guarantee almost any festival room to sprawl out and breath comfortably.



Our brilliant and dazzling stage environments create  the perfect natural habitat for your performers, shows and other entertainment. Made of the purist light, sound and magic, our stage design is customized show to show, client to client. Whether you’re putting on a one million watt DJ showcase or planning a local production of “Fiddler on The Roof”, our professionals have the tools and the talent to bring your wildest design fantasies to life. The Wright Group has a breathtaking range of props, lights, sound, pipe and drape, and a huge assortment of theatrical sundries you need to put on the production of a lifetime!

We’re here waiting for you to call us with your needy director’s every prima donna desire! Let us help you put on a show that will drop jaws and astound the critics.

Keeping The


Exceptional Tools for Crowd Control

Every successful event is contingent on you attendees’ happiness. However, any time you have 10’s of thousands of festival-goers crammed and crowded together, you have a formula for trouble. The Wright Group is here to make sure your crowds are happy crowds...

We’ll make sure pathways to featured areas are always free-moving and hazard-free. Get ‘em where you want ‘em to go! We’ll keep stragglers out of restricted areas, and make getting to the fun stuff a total breeze! The Wright Group has all the fencing, security staff, and crowd control accessories you could ever need... and YES, we even have rolls and rolls of “yellow tape”. Dont let what’s supposed to be your fist pumping triumph turn to disaster. The Wright Group keeps the floor traffic moving in all the right directions.


Hospitality Trailers, Command Centers Catering Trucks & Green Rooms

When your talent is in desperate need of a wardrobe change, ready for the make-up chair, or just wants to kick back between grueling takes, our hospitality trailers can quickly convert to accommodate any and every need you can imagine.

Need a green room? Done! Need a command center? You got it! We’ll set you up with an on-the-go solution that can be ready at a moment’s notice. Don’t let a demanding artist’s rider stress you out. The Wright Group is here to ease your logistical burdens and help you streamline your event production no matter how large or complex.

Through our partnerships, The Wright Group’s access to special event resources is unparallelled. Our trailers can be equiped with full bars, catering, video screens and entertainment. If you can think it, the Wright Group can do it... We make big things happen.

A Prepared


Is A Happy


They are the “bread and butter” of any trade show, expo or event... Enter your vendors, and you’d better keep them happy. Angry vendors can turn a great expierience into a nightmare. The Wright Group will provide the happy sunshine for you to spread around. Our staff of experienced production professionals can tent, table and booth any event... any size. Our design department can turn any bland stock booth into a fabulous work of art that will dazzle the passing crowds. We can install small pop-up tents for modest endevours or gigantic, double-decker show rooms that can span 80,000 sqft. The Wright Group will customize lighting, props, decor and ambiance for your expo area, turning the usual into the spectacular. We have everything you need to make your vendors return year after year, event after event.





At any event your guests are going to need special attention. With the Wright Group’s attention to every detail, your festival attendees with be pampered with their every need addressed in style. Every human needs their creature comforts to relax and enjoy an event. The Wright Group has it all.

There are concierges to help guide you, valets to park your vehicle, medical tents just in case of emergencies, and a fully operational, in-house graphics and sign shop for all that display marketing, decorative signage, posted mandatories and custom merchandise, ticket booths and all the personnel you need to staff them. We have guest restroom facilities that range from port-a-johns to luxurious accommodations aboard one of our rolling command centers or green-rooms. With the Wright Group your guests are always royalty.

You Can Take The


We Have an Amazing


What’s a great event without incredible food? The Wright Group can deploy a fleet of food trucks to fill the most empty of tummies, or assemble an army of Michelin Star chefs to tantalize even the most discerning palates. The Wright Group can cater any event, from a small backyard Bar-B-Q to a gigantic, multi-day food festival! Need on-site liquor licensing? Do you have the Health Department clearance you need to do business the day of you event? The Wright Group can help guide you through all the in’s and out’s of what it takes to have a successful “foodie” experience. Bon Appétit! aboard one of our rolling command centers or green-rooms. With the Wright Group your guests are always royalty.


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