Tent rentals will have you covered for any type of outdoor event, whether you’re throwing a rustic backyard wedding or a long-awaited family reunion. Tents aren’t just for a rainy forecast since they also provide much-needed sun protection for food, pets, and people. The specific type of tent you’ll need depends on the kind of event, the number of expected guests, the size of the location, and other factors.

Frame Tents for Parties and Weddings

These sturdy rectangular tents come in sizes ranging from 10-by-10 feet to 40-by-80 feet. Frame tents have no center pole, so they are ideal for events where you want to allow the guests to move around. For example, you could use one frame tent for a dance floor and another for the seating at a wedding or formal affair. This type of tent protects your guests from the elements while leaving the sides open so you still feel as if you’re outdoors. The side poles can be decorated to match the theme and aesthetic of your event.

Hexagon Tents for Intimate Gatherings

If you want a tent that provides plenty of space underneath while allowing guests to mingle more closely than they would under a spread-out rectangular tent, consider the unique hexagon tent. This option can be divided into separate areas for food, dancing, conversation, and other event functions. The most common hexagon tent measures 40-by-40 feet and is commonly used for wedding receptions. As with rectangular frame tents, the sides are open, and the poles can be adorned with lace, fabric, or other accoutrements.

Peak Tents for Fairs and Festivals

These eye-catching tents have a steep, triangular top that commands attention even from a distance. For this reason, peak tents are commonly used for vendors and booths at community events like races, fairs, and festivals. Not only can you tie a flag or balloons to the top of the peak so your services and products will stand out, but you can also arrange to have the tent printed with your company logo for maximum brand recognition. This makes peak tents the ideal choice for business events like job fairs. They’re an affordable, flexible option, with sizes ranging from 10-by-10 to 20-by-20 feet.

Pole Tents for Informal Events

Barbecues and family reunions may be a casual affair, but you still want partygoers to be protected from the sun and the rain. Pole tents provide a more affordable option than frame tents and offer fast, easy setup. These tents work best on grass since the roof is attached to a center pole and must be staked at the corners to keep its shape intact. Pole tents are excellent for large events, with sizes ranging from 40-by-40 feet to 100-by-150 feet.

Specialty Tents for Diverse Uses

Tents provide endless utility for all types of events. Some outside-the-box options to consider include:

SaddleSpun tents are ideal for large concerts and events since they are designed to look beautiful, provide expansive coverage, and even offer optimal acoustics and sight lines for an exciting performance.
• Double-decker tents measuring 45-by-83 feet provide two-story protection for events with many guests. They can be combined with lighting and flooring rentals.
• Clover-shaped, triangle, four-column, and Star of David tents are also available.

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