Once the wedding date is set, the wedding style and theme often come next. And whether you are getting married in a backyard or a cathedral, there are a few must-haves that every wedding party should consider renting.

For any wedding, but especially the outdoor wedding, a tent is a must-have unless you have immediate access to an indoor space that can hold all your guests. Style options are endless, so researching for the perfect tent is worth the time. Marquee and pavilion tents are excellent for larger crowds. These tents usually have an internal high pitch pole(s) to give feelings of a high ceiling with wall framing so it is also very stable. The variety in shapes and sizes make these tents a great option for weddings from 100 to 1000 people.

A dance floor can easily be overlooked as a must-have rental for your wedding. When you select your venue, ask questions about any existing dance floors or dance areas. Many venues either do not have a formal space or may have a space too small to accommodate dancing guests. Renting a dance floor gives you the ability to plan for the correct amount of space needed for all to get their groove on, typically about four and half square feet per guest. You can also plan that about half of your group will be dancing at the same time.

Our last suggestion, especially for any event held outdoors, is to rent restrooms. Or at least ask the venue if restroom access is available or an additional fee. Not all outdoor venues just include bathrooms so do your research. If you are not sure, rent a few Port-o-Potties so your guests are not dancing for the wrong reason.

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