Planning for the big day involves so many details, it can be easy to let a few slip through the cracks. Below are five top items to consider renting for your wedding day that you might not think of first.

Floral Accessories and Holders – Fresh flowers add a special touch to any occasion, especially a wedding. Rent vases, votive candles, arches and other vessels for floral arrangements. A cost savings could be experienced, and you will have less materials to store and/or gift after the fact.

Pest Control – Planning an outdoor wedding can mean uninvited guests. Mosquitos, gnats and flies can be a nuisance to your guests while they are celebrating. Rent pest control devices or add bug repellents to gift bags and tables.

Dance Floor – Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding and renting an indoor hall, a well distinguished dance floor can provide an excellent place to dance the night away. Protect floor space and your guests by adding this component to your wedding rentals.

Hospitality Trailers – If the event location that you have chosen for your wedding lacks services like a bridal suite, you can easily rent one. Have your hair and make-up people, bridesmaids and Mom meet you in a comfortable, temperature-controlled trailer. Include a juice bar and a video screen for an extra special pampering session.

Crowd Control – No one expects your wedding day to need a security team. But moving people along to find seats, dinner settings, gift tables and bathrooms can require special talent, especially for larger weddings. Consider adding rental staff to your wedding day to ensure that everything and everyone lands where they are supposed to.

Do you need other ideas for a smooth and beautiful wedding day? We have hundreds of choices for décor, linens, tables, catering, lighting and more to add the special touches every bride envisions for their special day. Contact us for a consultation and idea session today!

The Team at Wright Group Event Services