All sizes of indoor and outdoor events require speakers, PA and microphone systems if communicating in mass to the crowd is needed. From concerts to local ribbon cuttings, having a great sound system will give your event a quality experience. Wright Group Event Services has a complete and large inventory of sound system equipment to make the best selection. But where should you start when selecting the ideal sound system for your event? Here are five equipment categories to consider.

  1. Microphones – The ability to hear an announcer and/or performer is often the reason people attend an event. Nothing is more frustrating for both attendees and those on stage than a bad microphone. Feedback, tripping and sound quality can all suffer. If the microphone will not be moving, a stand-alone podium or microphone stand works well with a wired microphone. Wireless microphones are an excellent choice for any performer who uses their hands a lot or moves around the stage or audience. Finally, panels and group presentations typically use wireless lavaliers that can clip to a tie or shirt collar.
  2. Audio Mixer – Manipulating sound quality, like treble, bass and balance, is often a must-have feature for larger events. Clarity, crispness, volume levels and feedback removal are all features of a good audio mixer. When considering this piece of sound equipment, always keep in mind how many microphones and other inputs the system will be managing. If you also have a sound component to presentation slides or background music that will be playing while people are speaking, make sure the audio mixer has enough channels.
  3. Speakers – Broadcasting sound will depend upon the size of the crowd, acoustics in the room and the sophistication of the sound. A simple one microphone stage can get away with two anchor and Mackie speakers. A full system including high-quality speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, base bins, monitors, side-fills and loudspeakers may be required.
  4. Amplifiers – Power amplifiers are used to bring forward the low-level signals coming from the audio mixer to fill in the sound. Most portable speaker and PA systems have this built in. Unless you are having a full-blown concert, you may not need to rent additional amplifiers.
  5. The extras – Modern sound systems have become rather sophisticated to give you several sound mixing options built directly into the system. For some added flare, you can also ask about outboard processing equipment, like reverbs, compressors, limiters and delays.

As you are planning the sound needs of your next event, from corporate meetings to outdoor festivals and beyond, contact Wright Group Event Services to discuss your desired sound qualities. We even have technicians you can rent to make all is set up and running smoothly throughout the event!