People have reasons to gather all year long. A Valentine’s Day wedding, a retirement party, a 50th birthday…all could easily be timed during one our cold winter months. If you are considering having an event outdoors during these seasonal months, here are a few suggested items to add to your party equipment rental list.

Warming Stations

Keeping fingers, toes and noses warm during an outdoor event will ensure that your guests are comfortable and ready to party. Warming stations like propane driven heat lamps, small fire pits, patio heaters and other heat producing equipment are easy and affordable options to keeping everyone toasty.

Comfortable Seating

Plastic or metal folding chairs can hold the cold like few other chairs can. Adding in cushions and cloth coverings to chairs or including other furniture, like couches, heated chairs, or even air mattresses with lots of blankets can provide for lots of warm seating options.


If an outdoor setting with outbuildings are part of your plan, marquee party tents are a great option that allow you to create an outdoor feeling while maintaining a covered and protected space for dining and dancing. Pergolas, gazebos and garden style igloos can also provide a level of shelter for guests to gain protection from the colder weather.


One may not consider how décor can warm a space. However, adding rugs, carpets, covered hay bales, quilts, blankets and other coverings can add pizzazz and warm additions to your outdoor event. Top it all off with warm lighting like candles and string lights to create a glow of coziness.

Do you need more ideas about hosting an outdoor event? Contact The Wright Group Event Services. We have decades of experience throwing parties. We are sure we have ideas for you!