To add an air of intrigue to the foundation’s annual cocktail party, increase the drama of a particular act in a play, or provide a supernatural aura to this year’s dance performance, all you need is a little fog to achieve the desired atmosphere. Though you have probably witnessed this technique in person, you may have wondered how this special effect is created and if it is possible to locate a fog machine for rent to use at your event. For the answers, look no further, as the following information will reveal the secrets and clear the cloudy haze.

The Magic Elixir

You have been put in charge of planning this year’s haunted house event and have been working for months to get all the details in place. It is now time to focus on the final touches and bring the affair to life. The central gathering place has been staged to look like the local cemetery, and only an eerie layer of mist and smoke is missing. You have heard from colleagues that simple methods such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen are options, but you are concerned about safety for both you and your guests. You are also looking for a steady supply of vapor that requires little management and emits a safe, high-quality production of fog.

So, just what is the magic ingredient that will wow the guests and take the cemetery scene to the next level? Simply put, it is referred to as fog juice. The more technical definition is a blend of glycol and water, which turns into a foggy haze when heated and dispensed under pressure. All you need to do is pour the liquid into the machine and let the appliance do the rest. When the atomized liquid is released into the air, the seemingly complex effect is otherworldly and mystifying.

Bring in the Experts

Though the ingredients are simple and the activation process is straightforward, using commercial fog machines and accurately measured materials are the best way to guarantee the vapor produced delivers the desired results throughout your event. Fortunately, our specialists have the proper equipment and the exact liquid mixture that will provide a steady stream of mist in a consistent form that is safe for everyone in attendance.

The Wright Group has everything you need for the spooky cemetery, the dance floor, and the outdoor concert with years of experience to help you make the best decisions for your event. Whatever the occasion, contact the experts today and get the party started with professional execution and knowledgeable guidance.