Holiday parties do not have to have the same old look and feel of traditional décor. You can spice up your holiday party with a fun theme! We have been throwing themed gatherings for over 30 years, so we have certainly seen our fair share of creativity. Below are five of our favorites that you can easily execute during the holiday season.

  1. Winter Wonderland – Ok, this one is still pretty traditional. But we love to gather under this theme because it adds a magical feeling to the gathering. Add snowflakes, frosted trees, blue uplighting and lots of silver to the décor to give your party an extra special feeling.
  2. Holiday Carol-oke – Who doesn’t love a good karaoke party! Add a holiday spin by adding in some of your favorite holiday carols to the sing along!
  3. Fill The Sleigh – This party can double as a charity event, with a theme to fill Santa’s sleigh with gifts for one of the local children’s charities. There is a full list of these available in Denver at Great Nonprofits.
  4. Merry Grinch-mas – This could be a fun take on a masquerade ball where the guests can dress up as Grinches and Whos with a Whoville themed décor. Who says the Grinch really stole Christmas!
  5. Around The World – People from all over this great planet celebrate during this time of year. Invite in a diversity and inclusion theme this year with an Around the World party featuring different foods and traditions. You may have to research a bit (or call us of course) to find your top four or five cultural highlights but what an excellent way to show everyone on your team that you embrace all of the beautiful differences in the world, especially during the holidays.


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