Dinner for 40? What if a simple phone call could deliver the perfect holiday table to your family event or last minute gathering? One of our rarely known offerings at Wright Group Event Services is our holiday table in a box service. You can rent everything you need to stage a beautiful holiday table for friends and family together around for meals during this season of celebration. Typical holiday table in box programs include:

  1. Table/Chairs
  2. Choice of linens, including tablecloths, runners, napkins, and even chair slipcovers.
  3. Dinnerware, flatware, and cutlery in varying styles.
  4. Glassware, coffee/tea service.
  5. Serving trays, bowls, condiment containers, cake stands and other dish presentation services.
  6. Centerpieces and candle holders.

Wright Group Event Services will deliver, set up, AND tear down your holiday table. We will even do the dishes! You bring the food. We will bring the table. Time to eat! Contact us for details.

ps. Do not forget sound systems, lighting, and tents if you are outdoors and/or in a large space! We have these too!