As the weather gets colder, outdoor events may require heat sources to keep guests comfortable and enjoying the festivities. Tent rentals are available to expand outdoor party space and heat the environment. Winter outdoor weddings, retirement parties, and festivals can easily create heated spaces so party-goers are not left shivering in the cold. Let’s consider a few of your options for heating a tent.

Propane versus Electric

Electric space heaters are a tempting choice for heating an outdoor space. But they will require a place to plugin. Depending upon the location of your event, you may or may not have access to enough electricity to power heaters. Always ask questions of your venue space to determine any electricity needs. Renting a generator is also an option if electricity is scarce. Keep in mind, these can be loud and run on diesel so a fuel smell is likely.

A propane space heater can be an excellent option even when electricity is available. There are no cords to trip over and heaters can be strategically placed to provide maximum warmth for your guests. Propane heaters are also very quiet.

Size of Heater

Typically, a rental tent for a wedding is about 40×60 feet or 2400 square feet. A patio-sized propane heater can handle about 800 square feet of outdoor space that is protected from the wind. This would mean our 40×60 foot tent requires three heaters to accommodate the space. Festival tents can range from 10 to 120 feet wide, so do the math to determine the appropriate amount of propane space heaters it would take to warm the area.

Heat Improvements

To maximize warmth, there are a few things you can add in to your tent rental. While it may seem counterintuitive, add a fan into one of the corners. The fan will circulate the air and keep guests warm who may not be near a heater. You can also add walls to the tent to provide additional insulation. A tent floor is also a great way to provide additional insulation. Plus, you get the added bonus of a dance floor.

If you are planning an outdoor celebration, heated tent spaces is a great place to start. Contact us at Wright Group Event Services to discuss all options available for keeping guests warm.