Hosting a festival can be an incredible way to engage customers and community in a fun event. There are a lot of details to consider when reviewing this gathering format that if missed, could result in a not great event. Below are five common mistakes we have seen over the years of renting festival equipment to event planners and corporate managers over the years.

  1. Order enough hydration stations. We attended a music festival a few years ago that was held on a very hot summer day. The event planners underestimated the amount of water the attendees would need to stay hydrated and cool while watching their favorite musicians. Add in the second mistake made that include no shade options for people and heat stroke quickly became an issue.
  2. Check all AV equipment for proper set up. It may seem like a no brainer to test out equipment after it has been set up, but we have seen our fair share of pros who rely on the muscle memory of set up and fail to test before the event. Sound checks, light checks and any other special effect should be tested at least twice before the festival begins, and at least once a day of the festival is a multi-day event.
  3. Have enough restrooms for the population. Consider having at least one portable restroom per 50 people at an event. Anything less could lead to a miserable crowd and potential property damage as they look for alternatives.
  4. Double check all permitting requirements. Working with local host communities, municipalities and other government agencies to know what permits are needed and bylaws (like noise ordinances) in place can ensure that you do not plan an event that is illegal.
  5. Consider trash collection and clean up. Too often, we have worked with planners who work their budgets to highlight amazing acts, provide for fun and festivity, and review safety and security. But cleaning up after the event is just as critical. Make sure you have enough trash, recycling and compost bins throughout the event to encourage participants to pick up after themselves. Have a small team dedicated throughout the event who concentrate on trash pick up and emptying of bins. Then when the event is complete do a thorough clean up effort of the community space. Anything less could mean fines and potential future refusal for permits.

If you are an event planner or corporate meeting planner who is considering a festival as your event theme, contact The Wright Group Event Services team. We have the rental equipment and the decades of experience to help you plan and prepare. Fencing, AV equipment, tents, stages, hospitality trailers, power, lighting, catering trucks and more are all available to you through our facilities. We look forward to serving you!