If you have plans to attend a conference, trade show or exposition this year, you may see us around setting up tents, sound and lighting, staging and other event rental equipment pieces. We always carry a basic supply kit with us to handle any quick fix emergencies that may arise last minute. To ensure that you are ready anything at your event, we wanted to share! Below are a list of ten must have items for your exhibitor supply kit.

  1. A small toolbox with hammer, screwdrivers, staple gun, wrench, screws, nails, staples and of course a roll of electrical duct tape.
  2. Flash drives or similar for backing up or moving digital presentations to new locations in the event technology is not working properly. You can easily move to a new computer and take your files with you.
  3. Electrical power cords, power strips, extension cords, phone/tablet charging cables, back up battery chargers and any other back up power sources you regularly use.
  4. Cleaning supplies like glass cleaner, paper towels, handi-wipes and trash bags.
  5. A first aid kit, including band-aids, antiseptics, aspirin, gauze, compression bandages, blister protection, allergy medications and any other standard first aid kit components.
  6. A utility knife or Swiss Army knife, including all of the little gadgets including nail file and little scissors.
  7. Sewing kit to handle minor rips or tears in table cloths, trade show booths and even personal clothing.
  8. Business cards. You never know when your next customer could walk up!
  9. Office supplies like pen, paper, stapler, paper clips, markers, tape, scissors and highlighters.
  10. Personal hygiene kit with mints, hand sanitizer and even a snack or two to hold you over until you can break away for a meal.

If you are planning an event offsite, being prepared for small hiccups can spare hours of headaches and mitigate brand damage or missed opportunities. And if you see us around and you have forgotten your kit, we have you covered. Just stop and ask for help! The Team at The Wright Group Event Services