Large events that draw a lot of people require great crowd control and traffic flow efforts. Most event planners and event organizers rent barricades and fencing to keep people moving efficiently and/or in the places they should be resting. Conferences, expositions, outdoor festivals, parades and concerts with large attendance numbers need to plan in advance exactly how many fencing or barricade units they will need to reduce the chances for gaps where people can easily migrate outside of the desired event areas. Wright Group Event Services can assist with fencing and barricade rentals to ensure all participants have a safe and pleasurable experience.

When renting a barricade, it is important to know the types of barriers available. Here is a quick list of the barricades we have available at Wright Group Event Services:

  1. Metal barricades – These chest-high, heavy barriers are used best in places that need to create the boundaries or limits of an area. They can be connected to create a single barricade and can be attached to the ground for stability and to prevent movement. They are often shaped like fences with feet.
  2. Plastic barricades – These are a lighter barricade similar to ones you may see for a road closing or a political rally. Easily moved, plastic barricades are great for directing traffic to and from an event, especially if routes may change or are temporary in nature. They are often a-framed shaped with two frames and a bar to create the barrier.
  3. Stanchions – Will you have a red carpet at your event? Or need to “rope off” ticketing areas? Stanchions are the best for these types of uses. Typically, a stanchion includes a series of poles with a rope connecting each to create a feeling of a lane or row.

There may be a number of reasons why you want to include metal, plastic and stanchions to crowd control efforts. Safety is enhanced should you need to move people quickly through an area. Attendees receive directional assistance (meaning they know which way to go) for finding booths, performances, etc. Less crowd control staff is needed to direct people. You can even use barricades to set up special event areas, like VIP and backstage sections. Contact Wright Group Event Services to discuss your crowd control and barricade rental needs. If we do not have it in stock, our promise One Call Rents All means we have the relationships in place provide all that you need.