During the fall season is an excellent time to reengage employees and boost productivity with a fun event. People bond differently when placed in social situations, like an outdoor barbecue, lunchtime picnic, or awards dinner. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, employee gatherings are an excellent way to recognize employees.

Holding special events for employees is consider a symbolic recognition award and can improve engagement, morale, performance, and retention (O’Flaherty, Sanders and Whillans 2021). Symbolic recognition should not be done frivolously, however. First make sure key stakeholders, senior officers, and other high-ranking officials in the organization are also participating. Studies have shown that when organizational leaders are involved that are not a direct reporting manager, employees feel a higher level of satisfaction (O’Flaherty, Sanders and Whillans 2021). Simply said, invite the CEO to the gathering!  Second, be timely in your presentation. This is why the fall could be an excellent time to have a corporate gathering. Charging up the proverbial troops to enter into the fourth quarter for earnings could create an amazing finish to the year. Lastly, make symbolic recognition a public affair, hence the company event suggestion. When people receive recognition in front of their peers, it stimulates both satisfaction in the recipient for public praise and health competition among other employees.

If you need ideas on types of company gatherings available, speak to one of our event specialists here at Wright Group Event Services. We have been helping to plan, stage, execute, and tear down company events for over 30 years. We have ideas for you.


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