Ensuring that your event has great sound and lighting requires a great audio/visual set up. Featured speakers are more easily heard with crisp microphones. Lighting sets the tone for the stage and other areas of the event. And music played sounds appealing and inviting. Using a checklist during rental and set up stages of your event planning can save countless hours of labor and provide for a stellar experience by all in attendance. A typical AV list includes:
  • Sound systems – Do you have an inhouse system or will you need a portable sound system?
  • Microphones – Will you need wireless, floor standing, lavaliere or table microphones?
  • Lighting – Again, do you have inhouse solutions or will you need supplemental lighting solutions?
  • Screens and projectors – Is there a need to show a presentation to the audience via a screen and projector? What size screen? Is the projector strong enough to provide a crisp, clear image visible by all?
  • Video cameras – Will you be recording the event?
  • Podiums – Will you need a formal speaking podium? With or without a microphone?
  • Electrical – Do you have enough power to run the AV system?
  • Technicians – Does your team have the knowledge to run a good AV system?
Whether your event is on site or off site, taking stock in your audio/visual needs is an essential element of planning a great event. Not sure if you have the right equipment? Contact Wright Group Event Services for a discussion.