Not every event requires a ball room or large event center. A backyard, park, or local community center may be ideal for a small gathering. Maximizing a small space to hold an event will ensure that all in attendance are enjoying the gathering and creating a lifetime memory. Here are a few tips to making even the smallest space feel big enough for a great party.

  1. Use round tables – Eliminating the corners of tables, the crowd can more easily move through the space. Round tables actually allow for more seating as well, with typically 10 to 12 adults sitting around a 5-foot table versus only 8 adults at an 8 foot rectangular table.
  2. Select open space floor plans – An open floor plan can allow for more creativity and movement. Guests will appreciate the ability to easily mingle, identify other guests in the room, and reduce wait times in lines.
  3. Reduce clutter in the room – Removing ceiling décor, keeping wall decor minimalistic, and maintaining a simplistic style will make a space feel larger.
  4. Use solid colors – Table cloths, linens, pipe and draping, and any other dressings you may use to decorate the space are best when in solid, neutral colors to have create the perception of an airy space.
  5. Hang mirrors – Using reflective surfaces like mirrors on walls and tables will create a feeling of expansion and the illusion of more space.

Creating a memorable event, even in the smallest of spaces, is completely possible. Wright Group Event Services has helped event planners, community coordinators and private citizens host events in some highly creative places. If you have a small space and are planning an event, contact us to discuss these and other ideas for making your cozy space into an event room!