This year as we begin to gather again for our holiday celebrations, company gatherings and special events like weddings and anniversaries, it is even more important to plan early. Demand increases, supply shortages and staffing issues could impact your ability to create the perfect gathering. The Wright Group Event Services is proud and grateful that our team is well stocked with talented staff members to execute all of your party needs. But supplies and demand are often outside of our control. To ensure that your celebration is everything you dream it could be, consider these early planning tips to prepare for an unusual season.

  1. Consider the venue for your event first. Many traditional event venues have moved to limited capacity and abbreviated schedules to accommodate health and safety. If you have a venue in mind, consider at least two alternatives. Then contact them all for availability.
  2. Send out save-the-date notifications as soon as possible. After being couped up inside for so many months, people are itching to get out and play. As invitations arrive, they will begin to plan their holiday activities. Be first in line by giving lots of notice.
  3. Have a party checklist. Stay organized and reduce your stress by having a comprehensive checklist of party items and to do’s. For bigger events, consider hiring a great rental company who can help you plan, stay organized and provide you with all that you need for a successful event.
  4. Set boundaries and budgets. Creating a well thought out timeline and a reasonable budget during the planning phase of your event is critical to keeping stress levels under control. Add a line item in the budget for unexpected expenses to account for surprises as well. 5% is a good rule of thumb with some planners factoring in as high as 25% for this category (Bradshaw 2018).

Do you need additional assistance with planning your next event? We have been in the business for over 30 years! Contact us. We have a few ideas for you.


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