Handling security for corporate or community events can have several pitfalls if not examined thoroughly. Crowd control, traffic flow, and general safety concerns are at the top of the list when beginning an assessment for security at your next event. Here are 5 areas to examine to create a safe and secured space for your guests to have a great time.

  1. Understand the venue exit, entry and overall flow well. Establishing boundaries and perimeters with fencing, barricades and/or barrier tape will keep people within a designated area and reduce the need for high levels of security staff.
  2. Hire great security personnel with crowd control experience. Your team should be able to guide people and keep the event traffic organized all while maintaining the peace and deescalating any issues that may arise from rowdy guests.
  3. Constant communication between security staff is essential. Invest in good communication tools like walkie talkies, then train both company staff and contract staff on uses and expectations for regular communication during the event.
  4. Assess your risk. In today’s world, crowd trampling, lone wolf attacks and protests are becoming more common. Determine the level of risk your event may attract and plan accordingly.

Security needs will varying depending on the size, theme and even audience population. Working with a professional event coordination company that includes a security team can make all of the difference. Not sure of next steps? Contact the Wright Group Event Services team.