From fashion shows to beauty pageants, there is nothing quite like a runway show. Whether you are an event manager or an event planner, staging a runway can be daunting and overwhelming. But with the right equipment and planning, your runway will be an absolute showstopper! Let’s break down the essential elements you need to create an amazing stage.

The Right Equipment

The right equipment is essential for creating a successful runway stage. You will need high-quality staging equipment that can easily accommodate the size of your venue and the number of people attending your event. High-quality staging equipment includes risers, platforms, tents, and LED screens that can all help set the perfect backdrop for your event. When it comes to choosing the right staging equipment for your event, it’s important to do research and work with a reliable rental company like Wright Group Event Services that offers top-notch products with excellent customer service.

Rent Staging Equipment

Renting staging equipment is often more cost-effective than buying the equipment outright. Not only does renting save time but it also allows you to get exactly what you need without incurring additional costs associated with purchasing new items. When renting staging equipment, make sure to choose pieces that are easy to assemble, break down, and transport so that you don’t have any problems setting up or tearing down at the end of your event. Or even better, work with rental companies like Wright Group Event Services who can handle set up and tear down for you!


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the atmosphere of any event but especially on a runway stage. You want to ensure that each model has enough light on them while they walk down the catwalk.  They will then stand out from their surroundings and ensure they look their best in photograph! Consider investing in good quality lighting fixtures such as spotlights or stage lights that will help bring out all the details of your designs while still creating an interesting mood for your audience. If you are not sure of your uplight, downlight, and spotlight options, contact us. We can give you some insight into the uses for each. 


No runway show would be complete without music! Music sets the tone and energy level of any runway show, helping models feel more confident as they strut down the catwalk and engaging audiences throughout each presentation. Choose music carefully so that it fits within your overall theme and creates an exciting atmosphere both backstage and onstage during presentations! Consider hiring professional DJs or sound technicians who can provide high-quality sound systems or mix tracks specifically tailored to match each designer’s collection so that all eyes stay fixed on every moment of your runway show! In the event, you chose to run your own AV system, Wright Group Event Services has a huge inventory of speakers, microphones, sound mixing equipment, amplifiers, and other sound equipment available to rent. 

Creating an amazing runway stage requires careful planning and attention to detail – from finding high-quality rental staging equipment to choosing just the right music – but when done correctly it can result in an unforgettable experience for everyone involved! With these essential elements handled properly, you’ll be sure to put on a successful event that both designers and audiences alike will remember fondly long after it ends!