Wedding & Large Venue Tents for Rent

Whether you need a tent rental for a wedding or a large tent for an outdoor event, Wright Group Event Services has you covered! We have tents in all sizes and shapes for any and all events you hold. Please choose from the following types of tents, which also includes a price range for each. If you have questions about a tent for rent, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Tent Rentals & Pricing

Please select from the following to get specifics, including dimensions, prices, and more pictures.

Frame Tent Rentals

Frame Tents

14 Options Costing Between $135 – $2,400 per Day

If you’re looking for a large, sturdy tent that doesn’t offer any obstructions inside, choose a frame tent. These rentable framed tents are often people’s first choice for weddings as well as for other major events, such as corporate get togethers and large family reunions. Frame tents offer durable construction with a frame roof and no center pole, so there’s nothing in your way inside the tent. The poles supporting the tent can be covered with tent leg drapes for a dressier look and the sidewalls can be put up to protect the occupants and make the tent look more formal. Do expect to pay a little more to rent these strong, professional-looking tents, due to their more complicated construction and setup.

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Hexagon Tent Rentals

Hexagon Tents

1 Option Costing $3,900 per Day

Maximize the space inside your tent with a hexagon tent. Hexagonal is a perfect shape for party tents for hire, as it provides a space that feels more integrated and intimate, rather than the more spread-out atmosphere of a rectangular tent. Hexagon tents can also be dressed up with leg drapes if you want a more formal look, or you can add sidewalls to protect from bugs or weather. Our 40′ x 40′ hexagon tent is the perfect size for most parties and wedding receptions.

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Peak Tent Rentals

Peak Tents

3 Options Costing Between $155 – $375 per Day

Are you looking for the perfect tent rental for an event? Shop peak-shaped tents for the perfect look that will attract people’s attention from far away. A high peak can be seen from far away, luring visitors to your tent even in a crowd. Increase the impact of that high peak even more by flying a flag from it, tying balloons to it, or having us print your company logo or another design on the side of your peak tent. We have a few different sizes to choose from, as small as 10′ x 10′ and as large as 20′ x 20′. These tents are perfect for announcing your presence at one of Colorado’s fabulous outdoor summer festivals or another event!

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Pole Tent Rentals

Pole Tents

15 Options Costing Between $1,350 – $17,250 per Day

Unlike a frame tent, which has a frame supporting the roof, a pole tent uses tension from a center pole inside the tent to support the high peak of the roof. These tents are less expensive and easier to set up, making them a popular choice if you can work around the center pole. They do work best in grass as they need to be staked to maintain the tension that keeps the shape of the roof. Pole tents come in a variety of sizes, from 40 feet square all the way up to 100 feet wide by 150 feet long, so no matter what size your event is, chances are we have something for you.

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SaddleSpan Tent Rentals

SaddleSpan Tents

1 Option Costing N/A per Day

For concerts and other big events, nothing beats the size, versatility, and construction of a SaddleSpan tent. Set up just one as a canopy, or put more than one together in a variety of configurations. These amazing structures are the perfect event tents to rent! Remove the ends and make a stage cover, leave off the sides to form a sunshade or canopy, or arrange several together in a tremendous hall-like arrangement. You can even arrange their ends together so that the tents all radiate out from a central point. They’re designed for optimal acoustics and sight lines inside the tent, making them perfect for concerts and other audiovisual events. They are beautiful to look at too, with gorgeous arches, vaulted ceilings, and solid engineering that will give your event a more significant, bolder, less temporary feel.

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Specialty Tent Rentals

Specialty Tents

7 Options Costing Between $245 – $79,000 per Day

Does your event require something a little different than usual? Not all events are well suited for our standard tent renting, so we offer a number of specialty tents that will satisfy almost any unusual request. Need a tent to fill an awkward space? We offer triangle tents in a couple of different sizes. Do you need a large tent, but don’t like the look of the pole tents? We carry a number of large tents in a variety of different shapes, such as our 4′ x 4′ Mega Tent, our 40′ x 40′ hexagon tent, our 90′ x 90′ clover leaf tent, or our Star of David tent. For a truly epic event, check out our double-decker tent.

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Sidewall Tent Rentals

Tent Sidewalls

6 Options Costing Between $2.95 – $4.25 per Day

Colorado weather is beautiful, except those rare days when it decides not to be. Most of us have heard the adage that if you don’t like Colorado’s weather, you can wait five minutes and it’ll change. Unfortunately, this also means that sometimes it can change for the worst. Always be ready for changes in weather with tent sidewalls, ranging from mesh, clear, solid, or windowed. Mesh sidewalls can protect occupants from bugs while still allowing air flow, while clear lets Colorado’s beautiful sunlight in. For a more formal event such as a wedding, French windowed sidewalls can add a more graceful touch.

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