The change in seasons from summer to fall brings an incredible opportunity to gather outside for the brilliant change in colors and the cooler temperatures. Party planning and event organizing during this time of year has its own challenges, however. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the big fall bash!

Unpredictable Weather

Ok, we know. Colorado weather always seems a little unpredictable. When planning for an outdoor event during the fall, always keep in mind the day could be hot or it could be snowing. Preparing for both options will ensure that you and your guests have a great time regardless of Mother Nature’s whims. Consider adding in heater lamps and tents to your festival, backyard party, or corporate gathering to give people a place to warm up and/or be protected from the elements. If you want to have even more peace of mind, consider adding a marquee to your event! These large tents are specially designed for outdoor parties, wedding receptions, or exhibitions. (add pic)

Prepare for Adversity

Anytime you plan an event, having a few contingency plans in place will save you from stress and anxiety. Create a Plan B for alternative event locations and dates in the event of the fluke blizzard that can roll in at any time between Labor Day and Memorial Day in Colorado. Check with local recreation centers, libraries, schools, and other community gathering places for out-of-the-box secondary locations to hold your event. Consider a reschedule date that you can easily communicate immediately upon discovering your event may not be possible. Having a plan for the “worst-case scenarios” will give you peace of mind and save brand equity in the event of an emergent issue that causes a shift in location or timing of an event.

Consider Diverse Foods

While we may call pumpkin spice anything a comfort food, your guests may have different tastes. It is easy to cater food options to the season, with tasty apple ciders, mashed potatoes and sweet potato pies are all indicative of fall, keep in mind that not all can eat these foods. Add in options like leafy green salads, skinless barbequed chicken, and zucchini lasagnas to keep the menu fresh and light for those who may have different dietary needs. For a few other ideas on how to cater to picky eaters, visit our other blog post “Dealing With Special Food Requests.”

Planning an outdoor event, regardless of the season, can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. If you need another perspective while you are planning, contact us at Wright Group Event Services. We have been renting event equipment, party supplies, wedding décor, and so much more for over 30 years. We promise we have seen it all and happy to share our knowledge. Contact us!