There are over 800 festivals each year in the US (US Law Group 2021) and Colorado has some of the best. Uncover Colorado has created an annual calendar for easy access to attend festivals all year long. Here are 7 of our very favorites:

  1. Denver Beer Festival – This is one of the largest celebrations of beer in the country. Grab your mug and prepare for tasting at this incredible festival held during the fall!
  2. Frozen Dead Guy Days – The lore of this story includes a cryopreservation of a former resident of Nederland, CO. where this festival is held each March. Complete with blue grass bands and coffin races, this is a one-of-a-kind event.
  3. Taste of Vail – Amazing food, incredible wine, beautiful mountain scenery. Do we need to say more?
  4. Cinco de Mayo – Did you know that Denver has one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the US? Celebrate the Latino community in style by attending this annual festival.
  5. Strawberry Days – It is hard to believe that this festival has been happening in Glenwood Springs for over 125 years! If you love the strawberry as much as we do, get into the jam by checking out this festival each June!
  6. Hot Air Balloon Rodeo – Who says New Mexico has the only great hot air balloon festival around?! Head up to Steamboat Springs in July where hot air balloon operators partake in rodeo tricks like dipping the basket of the balloon in the nearby lake, a stunt you will not soon forget.
  7. Elk Fest – Elk are a staple to our Colorado community so of course they have their own special weekend. Head up to Estes Park at the beginning of October when these majestic beasts bugle, a sign of the pending mating season.

Want more? There are hundreds to choose from. Just visit for the complete list. Planning a festival? Contact Wright Group Event Services for all of your equipment rental needs!