When planning an event that your guests will never forget, consider the dazzling spectacle of a laser light show. From animated graphics in a range of rainbow colors to thin pinpoints of light that emphasize aspects of your program, lasers will take your celebration to the next level.

How Can I Use Lasers in My Event?

Laser light shows can take place either indoors or outside depending on the set-up of your event. A laser searchlight can give your outdoor party the cachet of an A-list affair. Premieres and grand openings can be accentuated with colorful lasers guiding your guests through the space. Corporate trade shows and events highlight products and presentations with the use of lasers. Weddings, reunions, and parties of all kinds can up the ante on fun by adding a laser show as part of the entertainment, such as for a special dance number or during bridal show introductions. The limits of lasers are created only by your imagination.

How Do Laser Shows Work?

Most laser lighting falls into two categories: beams and graphics. Beams can be animated as a backdrop for a dance or musical performance, while graphics are typically used to create a theme or showcase a logo. Often, graphics and beams are used together for seamless professional effect. Fog or haze can be added to make the lasers look even brighter and more dramatic.

The laser beams are controlled by a computer that aims the light at special mirrors. More than 50,000 points of light can be produced every second, which allows the creation of impressive graphics and images.

The colors of your light show will depend on the type of lasers you choose. Some projectors create every color of the rainbow, while others are limited to a single or few colors such as green, blue, and red.

Do I Need a Special Screen?

Laser light can be projected onto any flat surface, which means it’s easy to make it work for any event. You can use any large, relatively flat surface, including but not limited to a wall, an inflatable screen, the side of the building, or even a natural structure like a mountain. You can also use a standard projection screen or an inflatable version.

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

Planning can ensure that your laser light show is a success. Place these items on your checklist:
• You’ll need enough power to support the laser projector. For a dark, indoor room, 500 milliwatts to one watt is sufficient. For indoor rooms with more light, you’ll need between five and 20 watts. Outdoor laser projectors usually require 10 to 80 watts of power.
• Beams should ideally be placed in front of the audience so the show can be projected above their heads. This makes the lasers look clearer and brighter.
• Graphics are best produced with rear projection. You should place the projector further away than the largest dimension of the screen. For example, a 20′ x 30′ screen should be at least 30 feet away from the projector. Don’t put it further than 100 feet away.
• Allow enough time to set up the lasers. This should be roughly the same amount of time you set aside to accommodate lighting and audio.

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