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Special Effects Equipment For Rent

If you are researching special effects equipment for rent for your event, look no further than The Wright Group. Whether you are searching for lighting, snow, fog, or other effects, The Wright Group can help you elevate your event with professionalism and experience you deserve. Below is a general overview of the types of special effects you can select for your special event.

Special Effects Equipment

If you are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to add a touch of pizazz or fun to your event, bubbles, confetti, simple fog, or snow are all exciting options. One of the easiest ways to create a unique and exciting event experience is to add specialty lighting. Depending on the type of event and look you want to create, various forms of lighting are available. Examples include:

• Laser lighting
• Legend lights
• Ambient lighting
• Colorado lights
• H20 lights

Many customers are looking for a unique and unmatched experience for their guests, and The Wright Group can provide special effects equipment that truly takes the event experience to the next level. Combinations of lighting and fog or other special effects can create the ultimate customized experience. Technological advances are rapidly taking place, and The Wright Group stays ahead of the game by providing modern options to customers. For example, a fog screen can provide an all-in-one experience that will leave your guests in awe. By projecting images on a wall of fog, your guests will be presented with a spectacular view.

Why You Should Choose Us

The Wright Group employs a team of event staff whose expertise and service are unparalleled. The variety and quality of available special effects equipment set The Wright Group apart in the industry. For the past seven decades, The Wright Group has specialized in event services and has perfected and elevated the market for weddings, festivals, music events, and many more celebrations.


Pricing for equipment rentals varies. For example, simple fog or bubble machines are a typical cost of less than $100 for rent, and you can give your guests a touch of added excitement and character. Starting from simple strip lights, prices of lighting rentals can range from $50 up to $250 for more advanced lights or laser shows. Due to the customization and advanced set-up, fog screen rentals start at $1,750. This experience is one that your guests will not forget.

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Whether you’re looking for special effects that will add a little touch of excitement to your event or effects that will leave your guests truly amazed, by contacting The Wright Group’s team of experts, you can be provided the perfect experience for your unique event.

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