Proper lighting has the power to greatly enhance any event, from concerts and weddings to business gatherings. If you want to light up your event and make it memorable, let The Wright Group supply you with the perfect lighting rentals. We offer both LED and laser lights for you to choose from, with each type offering different benefits for your event. If you are not sure which kind of light will be the best to enhance your event, read on to see how these lights are different and what advantages each one offers.

What Are LED Lights?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor diodes that are constructed with several different elements, including gallium and arsenic. While the diode itself forces electricity to move in one direction, the mixture of elements within produce light. This combination creates an optical fiber transmitter that emits infrared radiation, which results in a multi-colored light that uses a variety of wavelengths.

LED lights can be used creatively to highlight any element of an event. Showcase architectural features, enhance any décor theme, or illuminate the area with various colors for a unique, creative experience. LEDs are an excellent choice for your event due to the following benefits:

• LED lighting fixtures have a long lifespan
• LED lights can be programmed to emit a variety of colors
• These lights are easy to program and use
• They consume less energy than other types of lighting
• LED lights are compact and can be adjusted or moved easily to change the lighting of your event

Because LED lights have so many advantages, they are ideal for bright, well-lit events. Choose this type of lighting to create a soft, romantic atmosphere for a wedding, a stark, monochromatic look for a business event, or a dramatic backdrop for an art gallery.

What Are Laser Lights?

Lasers are highly-concentrated beams of infrared radiation. Because these intense beams each consist of a single wavelength, they are both coherent and monochromatic. This gives lasers the ability to produce graphics and holograms for laser shows and other events. Because laser lights spread less than two nanometers when they are on, they are suitable for a variety of events that use concentrated lighting. Any of the events listed below could be enhanced with dazzling laser lights, whether in the form of graphics or single, pulsing colors.

• Concerts
• Sports events
• Launch parties, grand openings, and premieres
• Trade shows for unique displays
• Corporate events
• Themed parties

How Do Laser Lights and LED Lights Compare?

While both laser and LED lights are composed of semiconducting diodes, they each have different characteristics. Lasers are more concentrated than LED lights and are often slightly more complicated to program and use, but they create more dazzling displays. LEDs typically last longer than lasers, while lasers are faster.

The biggest difference between LED and laser lights is the way each one functions. LEDs have a higher output with wider bandwidths, meaning that they can produce a broad range of less-concentrated light. Lasers have a lesser output and a small bandwidth, produced with a tiny pinpoint of light.

While these two types of lighting have many differences, they also have a few similarities. Both types can produce various colors, but each individual device can only emit one. Each can also be used creatively to enhance events and displays.

How Do Lasers and LED Lights Benefit Different Events?

Events without good lighting are dull and lifeless. Adding the right type of lighting can spice up any event to make it memorable. While lasers add a dazzling aspect to dramatic events like concerts, LED light is effective for creating the atmosphere you want for other special events.

Lasers are stunning and have a mesmerizing effect on crowds. These pinpointed lights are perfect for drawing attention to specific areas of the event, such as when certain players are announced at sporting events. At concerts, lasers can create dazzling displays to coordinate with music. They can also be effective in advertising for events because they create eye-catching logos.

LED lights can be soft or stark, depending on the needs of your event, and they are especially useful for drawing attention to particular elements. If you are planning a wedding in a venue where you want to showcase vaulted ceilings or elegant columns, LED lights are your best bet. If you have a business event where you need bright lighting, LED lights are an excellent choice. Nighttime outdoor activities could also benefit from the use of bright, powerful LED lights.

Regardless of which type of lighting you choose to go with for your event, The Wright Group offers a great selection. Light up any kind of event, both indoor and outdoor, with the help of LED and laser lights for rent. Contact The Wright Group today for more information on how we can help you with all of your event needs and let us provide you with the perfect lighting to enhance any event.