Nothing kills a party more than bad music. If you want to get people onto the dance floor, you certainly can’t do it with tinny highs and washed out bass. You need some muscle behind your favorite tunes, and bargain bin speakers just aren’t going to cut it.

However, just like you aren’t going to take the kids on a road trip in a Ferrari, you won’t be shattering eardrums with even the highest end Bluetooth speaker. Every company specializes in certain equipment and making sure you pick the right brand for the job ensures you’re getting the sound you want when you want it. Here is a list of five speaker brands that run the gamut of devices for your home, event, or travel.

On the Road with Bose

Bose has developed a name for itself as the premier portable audio company. If it walks, drives, floats, or flies, Bose probably has a speaker for it. While much of their focus is on headphones, their portable Bluetooth speakers are second to none. With portable waterproof models featuring full 360° sound to wearable speakers sitting on your shoulder, Bose has you covered in both work and play.

The Timeless Sounds of Polk Audio

It’s 1972; The Eagles released their first album, Bill Withers topped the charts with Lean On Me, and Polk Audio began producing the best Hi-Fi speakers on the market. That tradition continues to this day, as the American company works hard to create some of the best home audio equipment money can buy. If you’re looking for a living room theater setup, their LSiM series has both the look and sound to make your movie nights known around the block.

Bowers & Wilkins: By Bands, For Bands

Initially getting their start with high-end loudspeakers, this former British band-turned-audio company has branched out to fulfilling audio needs in any form. B&W makes some of the best shelf-sized speakers around, and their ceiling and wall speakers provide some of the best sound from discreet sources available.

Kicking It with Klipsch

No company looks at the listening experience the same way as Klipsch Audio Technologies. Born from the mind of an inventor looking to bring lifelike sound to his living room, this business has exploded, and their designs are synonymous with high-end home audio equipment. Their brand handles everything from computer speakers to public address systems and everything in between.

The Hi-Fi of Harman International

While Harman International might not be a name that’s easily recognizable, their subsidiary companies like JBL, Crown, and Revel are associated with some of the leading speakers on the market. Harman itself is owned by Samsung, giving it unparalleled backing in the electronics industry. Their connections make it possible to manufacture high-end car audio systems featured in BMW and Mercedes Benz models.

Even knowing which brands make the best speakers, it can still be difficult to find the perfect fit for your event. Whether it’s the world’s biggest tailgate or a lavish wedding with all the trimmings, you need the best audio equipment to keep the party going. Look to The Wright Group to help make your next event an experience your guests will never forget.