Portable stages can come in multiple shapes and sizes, depending on the need of your event. Below are some of the most common events and stages used to help guide you towards the best choice.

Concert Stage

Colorado is known for some of the best music concerts in the world. We have a variety of sizes of stages in this category, including end stages and thrust stages. End stages are typically placed where the audience sits directly opposite of the stage and only on one side. Thrust stages, like end stages, can come in rectangular, square and even circular shapes. The difference with a thrust stage is that the audience can sit on three sides of the stage to watch a performance.

Runway Stage

Runway stages are flexible staging options, allowing for lots of different configurations to support the needs of the event. They are often adjustable in height to allow for the audience to sit eye level with the performers or have the runway sit slightly higher than the audience seating for all to be able to view.

Portable Stage

As the name states, a portable stage is easy to assemble/disassemble and move around. They are a convenient and fast way to change out stages mid event if needed. Portable stages are a great option for found performance areas that do not have formal staging or may only be a performance area as needed.

From concerts to graduations to outdoor festivals, Wright Group Event Services has the stage you need. Contact us today to discuss your event staging needs. Be sure to also ask about tables, chairs, AV equipment and décor!