From wood and metal to glass, formal or informal, choosing the right dining table for your needs can be challenging. Do you often have surprise guests drop by for dinner? Is your home craft-central on the weekends? Are you throwing an event in Denver and need to rent a specific type of table? The right table shape depends on the answers to these questions and more.

Small Space

If your dining room is square, or the available dining space is limited, a table that helps maintain the balance and proportion of the room and accommodates four to eight diners comfortably is an ideal option. There is enough space for guests to maneuver around each other and no one feels crowded. Tables that have inserts, enabling them to expand, offer flexibility to seat more guests, if needed.

A round dining table is also well-suited to smaller spaces. The smaller footprint creates a cozy environment, allowing everyone to relax and be comfortable. A center pedestal provides leg room for guests and has a clean, simple look.

Large Groups

For big families or frequent entertaining, a rectangular table may meet your needs. Larger groups can be accommodated in spaces that are narrow as dining tables may be as little as 30 inches wide. While wood tables create a classic Americana atmosphere, glass tables can make the area appear more spacious. If you entertain groups larger than ten frequently, you may want to find a table with at least two leaves. This can extend it enough to seat 12 to 14 diners comfortably.

The type of base also plays an important role when choosing a rectangle dining table. Legs at the corners allow you to seat a maximum number of people along the long sides of the table. However, there are other considerations. A trestle base also allows you to add additional guests at the short sides of the table, without worrying about them straddling a corner leg. A pedestal base lets guests stretch out their legs, especially if the table is up to 60 inches wide. However, if there are drop ends being used, the table top may be a bit unstable if weight isn’t evenly distributed.


Do you put puzzles together or use the dining table to create one-of-a-kind craft creations? A square table that can extend or a rectangular table offers flexibility for several purposes. Push it against the wall, and it can still provide functionality and style.


Round tables encourage conversation and interaction. If you host game night, round tables enable everyone to reach the board in the center of the table. These tables also may have extenders, allowing them to expand to ovals for special occasions. Since there is no head of the table, there are no issues regarding hierarchy. An advantage of round tables is also that they have no corners, which makes it less dangerous for small children.

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