Large corporate events require detailed planning and a really good, itemized budget. Wright Group Event Services have seen too often an organization run out of funding and are then forced to cut some of the magic from the event. Be sure to consider each of the following items when budgeting for sales kick offs, annual corporate retreats, conferences, or trade shows.

Venue or event space – Consider the number of participants, rooms, and outdoor spaces you may need. The more area needed, the higher the budget. Ask about any inclusions to the event space. You may be able to save on staff services, catering, or other event related programs.

Food and beverage – Costs here can range depending on the level of food service being offered. Will you only provide snacks and light beverages, or will there be full meal services? You can easily reign in a budget by offering coffee and breakfast pastries versus an omelet station for the first meal of the day. You may also opt for only a small appetizer happy hour and let your guests fend for themselves during mealtime.

Entertainment – Will your event have speakers, presenters, music, or any other programming? Be sure to budget in to pay for entertainment. If you need to be frugal in this area, you can look at your organization for subject matter experts to speak or look for new presenters who are looking for experience.

Staff – An event does not run by itself. It takes a team. And while your team can be great volunteers, having some professional staff lined up for registration check in, food service, trash pickup, and security means a reduction of risk and liability.

Equipment Rental – Audio/Visual equipment like lighting, microphones, speakers, projectors, and monitors will ensure that your guests can see and hear any entertainment or programming. Adding in a professional event management team might even be a consideration depending on the desired quality of the event. Do not forget about high top tables for that happy hour or seating for guests to listen to a speaker. Add a special touch with specialized décor to represent a theme.

As you consider a budget for a corporate event, bookmark this page and reference it often. When you are ready to talk about event rental equipment, contact Wright Group Event Services.