Are you preparing for a Colorado event that anticipates thousands of attendees? Do you have an intimate gathering planned that takes place in the cozy corner of a park or upscale restaurant? If your event is a large outdoor festival, our temporary barricade rental options can help you with everything from delineating parking areas and dividing large venues to assisting with crowd control. Make your guests feel like VIPs at an exclusive event when they slip behind the velvet rope to a more private setting.

Benefits of Temporary Barricades

Temporary fencing a site makes financial sense for almost any location that must be temporarily transformed from wide open areas to custom-configured space for special occasions such as parties, employee functions, concerts, and local events. Cost is calculated based on the actual linear footage rented. Additional benefits include:

• Easy Installation – Portable fences can be set up and removed quickly with minimal manpower, making them advantageous for planned events. If you need to set up in a hurry or vacate quickly, barricade rentals can also be the perfect solution.
• Flexibility – Individual fencing sections can be set-up, moved, and reconfigured to meet your exact needs. Additional segments can be added, or existing pieces removed, as needed.
• Regulation Compliance – Depending on the size and location of the event, there may be local, county, or state regulations that require that the property is fenced off or secured in some way. Temporary fencing allows you to meet those requirements without installing permanent barricades.
• Safety and Security – Staging and construction areas can be dangerous to those not authorized to be there. Swimming pools, ponds, and other outdoor features add a beautiful focal point for parties but can be hazardous for small children and pets. Portable fencing lets you block access for some or all your attendees to keep them as safe as possible.

Types of Temporary Fencing Rentals

No matter what size your event is or where it’s located, innovative temporary fencing panels make planning and set up a breeze.

Mojo Barricade

Attendee safety is critical for a successful event. Cheering throngs at a concert’s stage, raucous groups at festivals, and other events that require crowd control call for barriers that are more substantial than bike barricades or cow gates. Mojo barriers are made of aluminum for strength and lightweight durability. Straight, curved sections and corners are available in addition to gates, security walkways, and more.

Picket Fence

Are you hosting an event that calls for a classic American atmosphere? A white picket fence is perfect for occasions that need safety measures but is less intimidating than a chain link fence. These traditional fences are a friendlier option for VIP areas, birthday parties, playgrounds, and upscale affairs.

Chain Link Super Fence

Carnivals and fairs attract families of all ages. From rides and games to mouthwatering sweets and snacks, crowds gather for fun and entertainment. Managing traffic and access to construction sites can reduce liability in dangerous areas and prevent entry after it closes. Temporary chain link fencing can restrict public access to specific areas and provide a safe, secure environment.

Bike Rack Barricade

These heavy-duty steel barricades are used for crowd control at a wide range of events, from marathons and sporting venues to concerts. Sections interlock for safety and stability while the steel tubing is incredibly durable.

Stanchions with Tensa Barriers or Velvet Ropes

Stanchions are ideal for indoor or smaller events. They stylishly set aside space for private use and cordon off access to restricted areas while enhancing the space.

Premium Event Services in Denver

Whether you’re planning a music festival, wine tasting, or fundraiser, contact us for all your event service needs. At The Wright Group, we have everything you need for a premiere event, from tents and barricades to wedding specialty items, so contact us today!