The past year has been a challenge for so many with an inability to socially gather due to a global pandemic. As businesses within the industry, challenges of survival were certainly present. But the toll on people in general has been immense. Cancellations for family gatherings, weddings, reunions, company retreats, fundraising events, BBQs, company picnics and other social gatherings has created stress, loneliness, and even some mental health issues for many of us. Now that the world is reopening, it is important to remember that creating lifetime memories by gathering together is a critical function of society.

As humans, we are hard wired to gather. Seeing friends, touching and gathering in groups is in our nature and can be a critical activity, as many of us have learned during the COVID19 pandemic. Many new health risks have been uncovered as a result of being unable to gather. Heart disease, depression, and even deaths have been reported due to isolation (Miller, 2020). These ailments can be reduced through social interactions that counter the negative feelings of stress, like having party, gathering for a meal or even a hug.

The power of connection through a shared experience is an even more interesting phenomenon. People crave the desire for acceptance, approval and belonging. When an experience is shared, these needs are easily met (Khazan, 2014). Family gatherings, corporate events, small business team gatherings, appreciation parties, and other forms of physical interaction create lifelong shared memories that can reconnect people in amazing ways.

The Wright Group Event Services has been serving up these memories for over 30 years. As we reemerge, our passion and enthusiasm for events within the Colorado community has only grown. Contact us to learn more about festival services, family gatherings, non-profit fundraising events and all of the event equipment rentals, fencing, tables, chairs, power, lighting, and sound needed to host your special occasion. Now is the time to gather!


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