After several months of pandemic isolation, we are all being reminded of the joy behind family gatherings. A simple backyard BBQ is now a treasured lifetime memory opportunity. Many of us are also rethinking traditions as we begin to gather again. Here are a three ideas to get you thinking about how you may be able to spice up the new while integrating the old to create even more meaningful family gatherings.

Menu Swapping

Instead of a traditional backyard BBQ with hotdogs and hamburgers, ask family members to bring unique potluck dishes to the party. Or spark up the grill and serve grilled chicken lemon kebobs, avocado with herbs, and grilled spicy watermelon! Check out a few other interesting recipes via the Greatist.

Sing A Song

A good shift for party entertainment could be renting a karaoke machine and let the good times rock and roll! Kids and adults alike will take turns signing their favorite tunes. Grab your i-phone for a good video opportunity too. Just make sure you ask before posting these gems to the social networks. For 50 of the best karaoke songs, visit Timeout.


Add some excitement to your family gathering by adding a themed cocktail. Consider a Granny Gin Fizz or Aunties Amaretto Sours for creating a signature family drink that cab last the ages. You can keep the kiddos happy with non-alcoholic versions for everyone to participate. Need a few ideas? Start with A Couple Cooks.

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