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Having the right venue is crucial to the success of your event. The Wright Group has a broad range of table and chair rentals in Denver that complements any site, from festivals with space for thousands of attendees and auditorium-sized events to upscale, intimate gatherings. Whether you are looking for a hip, urban-rustic feel or a sleek, sophisticated touch, we have the styles you want at prices that won’t break the bank.

Types of Rental Tables Available

We carry a range of table shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of our clients. You can also customize the ideal set-up by choosing a variety of table rentals from our inventory, which includes:

• Banquet tables: 6-foot-long table in wood or either brown or white plastic. The wood banquet table is also available in four-foot and eight-foot lengths. Prices for this category range from $9 to $11 per table along with a $1.25 set-up fee per table.
• Convention tables: Four-foot plastic table for $6.50 or six-foot plastic table for $7.50.
• Roundtables: Four-foot and five-foot round styles come in either wood or plastic and cost $10 and $11. A six-foot wooden round table is available for $12.
• Round wooden cabaret tables: High-top tables in both two-foot and three-foot versions for $13 each.

In addition to standard tables, our specialty tables include:

• Farmhouse table: $75
• Serpentine table: Five-foot C-shaped curve for $12
• Folding cafeteria tables: $25
• Classic schoolhouse table: $10 each measuring 18″ by 72″
• Park benches

When planning the number and type of tables you need, consider the number of guests and the overall agenda. In general, a four-foot table seats up to six, a six-foot up to eight, and an eight-foot up to 10 guests. Regardless of the size of your event, you will be able to find the perfect seating to fit your theme and budget from our extensive inventory.

Corporate & Business Events

If you’re an event planner who wants to create a memorable experience for attendees, avoid the typical locations and find party and event venues that are more unconventional. Chances are if there is an event package, it’s pretty standard.

For corporate meetings or seminars, you may want tables and chairs that can be moved in, set up, and removed quickly and easily. We have folding chairs and stacking chairs that are each available in several colors to work with any theme or décor. Will there be breakout sessions with small groups working together? We have several options available that can work with several floor plans and room sizes:

• Rectangle folding tables available in two sizes – 4’ and 6’
• Round wood tables available in three sizes – 4’, 5’, and 6’
• Round plastic tables available in two sizes – 4’ and 5’
• Square tables available in two sizes – 3’ x 3’ and 5’ x 5’

Weddings & Formal Events

Will the ceremony, dancing, and meal be outside? Are you setting up in a venue that doesn’t typically have events and wants a stylish flair? Our table and chair options are versatile to fit popular sites and unconventional event space.

• Satin banquet chair covers and festive sashes
• White resin folding chairs with pads
• Chiavari chairs
• Bar stools
• Cabaret tables
• Farmhouse wood table
• Bar tops available in 6’ and 8’

Chiavari chairs offer an elegant touch to any space. They pair well with cabaret tables, providing an upscale setting for a cocktail hour and are the perfect height for the bar tops. Use a Farmhouse wood table as an alternative to a standard buffet table or use it for dining without a tablecloth for a sophisticated urban-rustic vibe.

Family & Group Events

Are you planning a picnic-style family reunion, birthday party, or corporate team-building event? Our aluminum picnic tables are lightweight and durable. Folding cafeteria tables can turn any multi-functional room into a space that is ideal for eating, socializing, and interacting with others.

Festivals and Arena Events

Are you planning a tournament, festival, or concert? Do you have space for the main attraction but have concerns about attendee seating? Bleachers may be just what you need. Aluminum, five-tier sections seat up to 50 people and are available with or without a back/side rail. These are fixed benches that are ideal for providing ample seating for groups in a limited space. The bleachers can be used inside or outdoors.

Whether you want to create cozy conversation nooks or need backstage seating, our sofas, loveseats, and couches are stylish and comfortable. They are available in a range of colors and styles to fit seamlessly with your theme.

Rental Pricing

We have a broad range of tables and chairs to suit virtually any budget and style preference. Standard chairs start at $2.00, and standard tables range from $9 to $11. Specialty chairs start at $5 and tables at $10.

Why Choose The Wright Group?

For over 70 years, The Wright Group has provided quality equipment and services for events of all sizes. With more than 100,000 square feet of inventory space, we carry a wide assortment of tables, chairs, tents, and more to help meet all of your small function and large event needs. We are a full-service event company.

Why juggle several vendors when one call can provide for every aspect of your event? Our event specialists can help you plan creative spaces for a memorable experience, from linens, place settings, and beverage fountains to seating, dance areas, and staging. Contact us today for more information about our competitive prices and services.

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