The ProMobile Stage




The Promobile is a mobile marketing vehicle without equal featuring two accessible levels. A mobile marketing unit with 1700 sq. ft. of usable space designed for marketing professionals who need more height, more space and more load-bearing capacity.

Pricing depends on event specific usage. Please call for more details.

Floor Lower Deck: 32’ x 24’ (9.8m X 7.3m)
Upper Deck: 34’ x 27’ (10.4m X 8.2m)
Set-up promobile-min
Wind resistance 115 mph (185 km/h) without windwalls
77 mph (123 km/h) with windwalls
Rigging 30,500 lb (13,835 kg)
Billboard On the road, it’s a moving billboard
Optional Screen support, adjustable roof height, climate-controlled environment, tented tops (upper level)



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