Your security teams are one of the most important mechanisms that drive your event. Insuring the safety of your vendors, exhibitors, staff and other event attendees is one of your most important priorities. Solid, split-second
communications can mean the difference between life or death. We’ll provide the radios and accessories any professional security service would need to stay in touch at a moment’s notice.

VX 160 TWO-WAY RADIO: Our solid state, two-way radios are always charged up and ready to go. With the amazing signal strength you’ll get, you may want to keep chatter to a minimum.

MULTI-UNIT BANK CHARGER: Charge up to 6 radios at once with this multiple unit-charging station.

SINGLE UNIT RAPID CHARGER: Your radio will charge up lightning fast using this single unit charging station.

SPARE/EXTRA BATTERY PACKS: If your event’s security teams are going to make it a long night, you’d better be ready with extra power. Ensure your radios don’t fail when you need them!

SURVEILLANCE MIC: Keep your events safe! When your security team needs to know if there’s something fishy going on at your next event, make sure you have our surveillance mic on hand to do it.

SPEAKER MIC: Have your security teams work and look like the pros with these chest-pocket mounting speaker mics