Hospitality Trailers, Command Centers Catering Trucks & Green Rooms

When your talent is in desperate need of a wardrobe change, ready for the make-up chair, or just wants to kick back between grueling takes, our hospitality trailers can quickly convert to accommodate any and every need you can imagine.

Need a green room? Done! Need a command center? You got it! We’ll set you up with an on-the-go solution that can be ready at a moment’s notice. Don’t let a demanding artist’s rider stress you out. The Wright Group is here to ease your logistical burdens and help you streamline your event production no matter how large or complex.

Through our partnerships, The Wright Group’s access to special event resources is unparallelled. Our trailers can be equiped with full bars, catering, video screens and entertainment. If you can think it, the Wright Group can do it... We make big things happen.